• Interview with Taheri Family

Interview with the family of Dr. Mohammad Reza Taheri by the Iranian State Television of Hamoon Network in Sistan va Balochestan Province. The interview is taken in Zahedan in Balochi language. It is about the “successful Baloch families.” This interview is available with the website of Hamoon Network. It is also available at YouTube. Click Here (NOV 2012).



  • Interview with Professor Manoj Bhise

Professor Manoj Bhise is one of the well-known actors in the state of Maharashtra, India. He has been a Senior Grade Drama Artist of ‘All India Radio.’ Dr. Manoj Bhise has also acted in television serials, Education Media Research Center (Educational T.V). In India, he has been conducting workshops on acting, directing, personality developments, voice culture, interview techniques, presentation skills, and communication skills. The play which gave him real name and fame is ‘Ghashiram Kotwal’, which is a mile stone in Maharati literature and drama. Recently, he has experimented with … Continue



  • Interview with Archaeologist Sanjay Godbole

Sanjay Godbole Dnyaneshwar, born 1964, an independent scholar. He holds 3 Master degrees in History (Tilak Maharashtra University), Archeology (University of Pune), and Indology (Tilak Maharashtra University), and a B.Com (University of Pune), and LLB (University of Pune). He has published eight books. He is a Fellow of the England’s Numismatic Society Royal and Royal Asiatic Society Britain. His name entered in Linca book of Records for biggest historical curious and document collection in India. His fields of specializations are Archeology and History … Continue



  • Interview with Dr. Ahmad Reza Taheri

Ahmad Reza Taheri holds Post Doctoral studies and PhD in Political Science. He holds a Master in Politics & Public Administration, a Master in Commerce, with a Bachelor degree in Commerce. Dr. Taheri presently is a researcher at the Political Science & International Relations Group in the Institute of Iranian Studies in Paris (France), a visiting faculty (Assistant Professor) at different universities in Balochestan of Iran where teaches Politics and Society, and director and founder of Taheri Entrepreneurship Company of Daneshyaran of Humanities. His fields of specializations … Continue



  • P Omid: Democracy is not bewildering, A response to Dr. Taheri

I run into Dr. Ahmad R Taheri's article "WHY DEMOCRACY IS BIWILDERING " by accident and decided to bring up some points about democracy. It may help us to have a clearer picture about democracy. Perhaps Dr. Taheri meant to say why democracy is BEWILDERING, meaning confusing and difficult to understand and I believe the word “BIWILDERING” was a typographical error? Dr. Taheri selected a great subject for discussion due to the fact that it will give us perhaps an excuse and a chance to explore democracy and learn more about this concept. As Dr. Taheri said … Continue



  • A R Taheri: Global Sovereignty: Who deserves it! A response to Prof. Noam Chomsky

Professor Noam Chomsky, a worldwide known academician has written “rogue states”, in which he holds a critical view of UK and US. He argues, “the current Iraq crisis is only the latest example where Washington and London declared Iraq a rogue state, a threat. There are legitimate ways to react to the many threats to world peace. It is for the Security Council to determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, and make recommendations on what measures shall be taken. The US and UK would have no such authority even if their own hands were clean, hardly the case.” … Continue




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