TECODH welcomes scholars/writers to submit well-researched and analytical papers on sociopolitical domains. Contributors are requested to strictly follow the guidelines given below:


1) Name of the author, email, position, affiliation, and address for communication, is necessary.


2) Paper must not exceed 2000 words.


3) The use of titles such as: “key-words”, “abstract”, “introduction”, sub-headings, and conclusions, is mandatory.


4) The font of the text must be “Times New Roman”, size 12, and 1.5 space between the lines.


5) Both British and American form of spellings is welcomed.


6) In the title, each first word must be with a capital. In sub-headings: the first sub-headings must be left aligned and all first words begin with a capital. The second sub-headings must be left aligned, italicized, and initial capital only; point after the heading.


7) Dates and Numbers must be written in the following forms. For century, 12 th century; for date, 01 January 2012; for years 2000-2001; for numbers, 20,000; while referring to currency, use $10,000; and write ‘percent’, not %.


8) Paragraphs must not be long. Break up the long paragraphs into small paragraphs. Do not indent the paragraphs.


9) The font for "foot notes" must be Times New Roman, size 10, and single space between the lines. More about the footnotes:


A) While referring to a book follow this example: Karl Marx, Political Ideologies (Green Publications, London-2010), pp.20-30.


B) If a book is published in more than one volume, follow this example: Karl Marx, Political Ideologies (Green Publications, 2 Vol., London-2010), 20-30.


C) While referring to a non-English book follow this example: Karl Marx, write the title of the book in original language followed by its English translation into ( ), the rest should follow according to example A.


D) While referring to a chapter in a book follow this example: Max Weber, “Applied Socialism,” Socialism and Capitalism (eds., Raj Publications, New Delhi - 2008), p.13.


E) While referring to a paper in a journal follow this example: Gorge Washington, “Give War a Chance,” The Middle East Journal (Fine Publications, No. 2, Vol. 4, New York - July 2002), p. 55.


F) While referring to a paper presented at a conference follow this example: Thomas Hobbes, “Security in England,” International Conference on Peace and Security (09 FEB 2009, University of Sorbonne, Paris).


G) While referring to an article in a newspaper follow this example: John Locke, “England’s Foreign Policy,” The Washington Post (No. 1234, 12 June 2009).


H) While referring to a website follow this example: Bill Clinton, “US wants to have Excellent Relations with Iran,” (02 August 2006,


I) While referring to an interview (by the author), follow this example: Interview (by the author) with John Rawls, a professor of Philosophy in Harvard University (New York, 04 April 1998).


J) If two successive citations/references refer to the same source, use Ibid.


K) If the same reference is to be cited after a few other references/citations, write the name of the author followed by the citation number e.g. Anita Taheri, no. 12.


L) References must be numbered.


10) TECODH does not accept those papers which have been published elsewhere.


11) Paper will be reviewed by two expert referees. The review of the paper takes one month. Fee charges are variable depending on the cost of review, print, and publication.


12) The finalized paper will be published by TECODH.


13) Any submission not conforming to the above requirements is incomplete and will not be considered for publication.


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